Chief Editor: Prof. Lalhmasai Chuaungo

Editor: Dr. Lalhlimpuii


Volume VII, Issue 1 & 2                                                         ISSN (P): 2395-731X




A Scientometric Analysis of Education Research in the Global Context

Akhandanand Shukla


A Study on Awareness of Teachers regarding Bloom's Taxonomy of Educational Objectives

Lalchhuanmawii & R. P. Vadhera


Investigation of Scientific Creativity among Higher Secondary School Students

C. Lalhmunsiama & Nitu Kaur


Developing the Higher Order Thinking Skills: An Analysis of the Exercises in the Secondary School English Textbooks

Sian Lalchhandami & H. Malsawmi


Access and Perception of Web-based Learning among Undergraduate Students of Aizawl City

V. Vanlalruati & Sweta Dvivedi


A Study of Depression during Pandemic among Secondary School Students in Aizawl City in Relation to their Gender and Age

Christina Lalchhanchhuahi, Khawpuisangi Ralte & Lallianzuali Fanai


Integrated Blind School at Kolasib: A Case Study

R. Lalthankhumi & Lalbuatsaiha


Attitude towards Teaching Profession of Secondary School Teachers in Aizawl

Mary L. Renthlei & H. Malsawmi


Gilead Special School and Ashadeep: A Comparative Study

V. Vanlalruati & Lalhmangaihzuali


A Study on Academic Anxiety among Secondary School Students in Kolasib District

Lallawmkima, MS Dawngliani & Lallianzuali Fanai


Whole Brain Teaching: A World Leader in Brain Based Teaching

Lal Rem Siami & Lalhmasai Chuaungo